The Port of Istanbul

“Ambarlı Port” is a freight port located in the Beylikdüzü district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is the country’s largest port in terms of container volume and the fifth largest in terms of cargo tonnage.
The port, which has the hinterland of Istanbul and Marmara Region, can also be used as a transit port for cargoes going to Black Sea ports.  

Port of Istanbul

The Port of Izmir

Izmir includes the ports of Alsancak and Aliağa, which are among the busiest ports in Turkey.
While the export and import cargoes of the Aegean Region are carried from these ports, the cruise ships docking at Alsancak port also positively affect the tourism of the region.

The port of Izmir

The Port of Izmit

“Gebze Yılport” provides container, general, bulk and liquid transportation services.
Supported by internal container terminals, warehouses, warehouses and logistics centers, Yılport Dilovası is positioned as Turkey’s largest industrial hinterland. 

The Port of Mersin

“Mersin Port” is a freight and passenger port located in Mersin, Turkey. It is the second largest port in the country in terms of container volume and the sixth largest port in terms of cargo tonnage.
Mersin Port, which has a wide hinterland, is well connected to the country by land and railways. 

The Port of Mersin


The Port of Limak

Another import and export gate of Central Anatolia, Mediterranean, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions is Limak Port. 

It is an important and advantageous port for the industrialists and exporters of a wide region from Mersin to Şırnak, from Malatya to Kilis. It is also of great importance for Middle East trade. 

The Port of Aysaport

With a draft of up to 18 metres and a total quay length of 2000 metres, Asyaport, the first transhipment container terminal (hub port) of Turkey, has a position as a large-scale port with a capacity of up to 2.5 million TEU.

With 1200 direct jobs, Asyaport, which is evolving into a logistic hub, will significantly contribute to Tekirdag’s business life.

The Port of Trabzon

General cargo (67% of all searches), fishing (14%), pleasure boats (3%), cruise ships (1%) and dredges (1% of all searches) are the five types of vessels that frequently call in Trabzon. 

The maximum length of the largest ship stated to have reached this port is 194 meters. A draft of 9 meters is the maximum. 52376t is the maximum Dead Weight.

The Port of Samsun

General cargo (62%), fishing (8%), bulk carrier (8%), oil/chemical tanker (5%) and ro-ro cargo (3%) are the ship types that frequently call in Samsun.

The maximum length of the largest ship stated to have reached this port is 230 meters. The draft is 12.6 meters at its highest. The highest allowed Deadweight is 82188t.

The Port of Gemlik

General cargo ships constitute 48% of the boats that frequently visit Gemlik, followed by container ships with 26%, vehicle ships with 6%, bulk carriers with 6% and cargo/container ships with 2%.

The largest ship measured to enter this port is 367 meters long. The biggest draft is 13.6 meters. Dead weight limit is 117205 tons.