Air Freight

In addition to our expertise in providing marine freight services, Tuscor Lloyds Turkey also provides air freight services for goods that need to be carried to any location in the world, at any time.

Working with trustworthy partners and foreign carriers, we have vast experience and knowledge moving air freight abroad, and we always ensure a smooth operation from pickup to arrival at the destination.

Road Freight

In Turkey, road transportation is widely used. It is frequently preferred for fast and safe shipment of heavy and bulky loads.

One of the main countries that Tuscor Lloyds Turkey ships cargo to is Italy. Italy imports a sizeable amount of goods from Turkey across a variety of product categories, including plastics, footwear, textiles, hazelnuts, and aquatic products. Italy also exports a sizeable amount of goods to Turkey, including machinery and equipment, mineral oils, plastics, and motor vehicles.

Road Freight Turkey

Sea Freight

Tuscor Lloyds Turkey offers services worldwide, including Mexico, the USA, Canada, Belgium and Dubai.

For heavier cargo or those without a set delivery time, sea freight is the ideal freight forwarding option. Due to its storage capacity, sea freight can transport some of the largest commodities, including construction equipment. 

Container Specifications

Tuscor Lloyds Turkey provides a specialist container service which includes: Standard, Refrigerated, Flatrack, Open top & Tank containers.

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