Road Freight Services

In Turkey, road transportation is widely used. It is frequently preferred for fast and safe shipment of heavy and bulky loads.

One of the main countries that Tuscor Lloyds Turkey ships cargo to is Italy. Italy imports a sizeable amount of goods from Turkey across a variety of product categories, including plastics, footwear, textiles, hazelnuts, and aquatic products. Italy also exports a sizeable amount of goods to Turkey, including machinery and equipment, mineral oils, plastics, and motor vehicles.

Especially in road shipments to Western Europe, the tonnage has a direct effect on the transit time. Vehicles loaded below the subject tonnage travel by land, while those loaded beyond the subject tonnage use Ro-Ro to travel to Europe. This is due to the 21.5 tonnes limit put on vehicles that would cross the Bulgarian border, for both imports and exports and depending on the destination, the transit times of vehicles using Ro-Ro may take 2-3 days.
Ro-Ro flights from our nation are operated out of Istanbul, Izmir, and Mersin, with Italy and France as the final destinations.

Road Freight Turkey

For export goods from our country, road transport is more popular in the following regions in particular:
Europe's East
• Western and Central Europe
• Turkish Republics
In Russia
• Iran
• Iraq

Vehicles with "Standard Tarpaulin" or "Optima" trailers are used more frequently in other regions, whilst "Mega" type trailers are utilised mostly in European loadings.
The CMR is the name of the cargo document used in international road transport.