The Port of Izmir

İzmir includes the ports of Alsancak and Aliağa, which are among the busiest ports in Turkey.
While the export and import cargoes of the Aegean Region are carried from these ports, the cruise ships docking at Alsancak port also positively affect the tourism of the region.

“Alsancak Port” is also called Izmir Port. Located in the Alsancak district of Izmir, the port is Turkey’s 7th largest port in terms of container volume and 13th in terms of cargo tonnage. The port is built on an area of 635 thousand square meters and can serve 25 ships at the same time with its 25 berths, with a draft of 10.5 meters. The port has the potential to handle 1 million TEU containers, a total of 10 million tons of cargo.

“Aliğa Port” is the port located in Çandarlı Bay, within the borders of Aliağa district of İzmir province. There are thirty-six piers belonging to twelve industrial facilities. The total pier length is 8,849 m and its capacity is 9,999 ships/year. There are Nemport, Socar and TCE EGE container terminals. The port ranks second in Turkey in terms of total ship traffic and cargo handling. Although the needs of oil, petro-chemistry, fertilizer, iron-steel facilities were targeted in its establishment, it became a general port due to the increasing need over time. 34.6% of the incoming ships are Turkish flagged and 65.4% foreign flagged. Considering its ranking according to the number of ships docking at Turkish ports, it is in the second rank after Izmit Port.

The port of Izmir
Port of Mersin

Port of Izmir