Standard containers are also known as general purpose containers. They are closed containers, i.e. they are closed on all sides.

A distinction may be drawn between the following types of standard container: Standard containers with doors at one or both end(s), Standard containers with doors at one or both end(s) and doors over the entire length of one or both sides.

The various types of standard container also differ in dimensions and weight, resulting in a wide range of standard containers.Standard containers are mainly used as 20′ and 40′ containers. Containers with smaller dimensions are very seldom used. Indeed, the trend is towards even longer dimensions, e.g. 45′.


 20′ Standard40′ Standard
Max. Gross Weight30,480kg (67,200 lb)32,500 kg (71,650 lb)
Tare Weight2,220 kg (4,890 lb)3,720 kg (8,200 lb)
Payload28,260 kg (62,310 lb)28,780 kg (63,450 lb)
External Dimensions:  
Length6,058 mm (19′-10″)2,192 mm (40′-0″)
Width2,438 mm (8′-0″)2,438 mm (8′-0″)
Height2,591mm (8′-6″)2,591 mm (8′-6″)
Internal Dimensions:  
Length5,898 mm (19′-2″)12,032 mm (39′-1″)
Width2,352 mm (7′-6″)2,352 mm (7′-6″)
Height2,393 mm (7′-8″)2,393 mm (7′-8″)
Door Opening:  
Width2,352 mm (7′-6″)2,352 mm (7′-6″)
Height2,280 mm (7′-4″)2,280mm (7′-4″)
Cubic Capacity33.2m3 (1,170 ft.3)67.7 m3 (2,390 ft.30